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Please note that we are the sole importers and suppliers of the SPS power system in South Africa. The SPS is only available through our website/showroom or from Takealot.com. We have recently been told the SPS has appeared on online websites selling a variety of solar products. Please be aware that these are not legitimate sites and are a scam.

Our Product

The Smart Power System is a standby power unit designed to keep electronic appliances working through any electricity cuts.

At home you can still watch your TV, DSTV and DVD’s. No more missing your favourite show or the match you were recording. You can plug in lamps and no longer rely on candles. Keep your router, laptop and phone chargers on. Your children can finish their homework, use the computer and stay connected to the internet.

At work your office computer, internet and desk lights stay on. Your phone system keeps working. No more computer crashes or corrupt data. And no more having to close down programmes before scheduled load shedding.

The Smart Power System (SPS) is easy to use. It doesn’t require an electrician and simply plugs into a standard wall socket. It is designed to work inside your home or business providing electricity if the power goes off. It is a state of the art UPS (Uninterruptable Power Supply) and AVR (Automatic Voltage Regulator). Devices plugged into the SPS are protected from damaging surges and spikes. If the electricity fails the SPS takes over instantly, providing uninterrupted power to your electronics.

The Smart Power System is available in three sizes:         SPS-500 (500W)        SPS-600 (600W)        SPS-1000 (1000W)

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    Design Features

  • Fully integrated battery.
  • Easy operation.
  • Plugs into a standard wall socket. No electrician needed.
  • Fast switchover. Uninterruptable power.
  • Pure sine wave output.
  • Continuous voltage regulation. Protects equipment against power surges and spikes.
  • Lockable battery compartment.
  • Sturdy wheels. Fully portable.
  • Multiple devices can be connected via multi socket extension.
  • Solar controller - (SPS-600 and SPS-1000).
  • Intelligent CPU control.
  • LCD display. Input and output voltage, solar/AC supply, battery charge and capacity.
  • Indoor use. Fan cooled. No petrol or diesel.
  • High capacity deep cycle battery. Long back-up time.
  • Automatic 3 stage charger.
  • Overload, overcharge protection. Resettable circuit breakers.
  • Two times peak power surge rating.

Solar Capability

The SPS-600 and SPS-1000 have the additional benefit of being able to use solar power. Simple +/- sockets on each machine make connection to a solar panel easy. A controller then regulates the incoming electricity to store charge in the batteries and run appliances.

A solar panel is not needed to run the machine but can be added at any time.

The solar function can operate alongside or totally free of mains power. Ideal for remote locations, smallholdings, farms or camping trips.

The solar capability offers a valuable safety net. If the power ever failed for more than a few hours the SPS could still provide vital free electricity, day after day, no matter what.

The SPS-600 and SPS-1000 can either be ……

    • Plugged into a standard wall socket
    • Connected to a solar panel
    • Or plugged into a wall socket and solar panel at the same time

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